Deal with It: Body Image

Explores the concept of body image and body-shaming within society and media.

Deal with It: Consent

Helps kids to understand and resolve conflicts stemming from issues of consent in both romantic and platonic relationships.

Deal with It: Freedom of Expression

Explores the concept of freedom of expression and rights within society.

Deal with It: Homophobia

For understanding and resolving conflicts stemming from homophobia and bullying.

Deal with It: Islamophobia

Explores tolerance, inclusiveness, and situations where information and communication might create prejudice against Muslims.

Deal with It: Racism

Examines the sources of racial and cultural conflicts and help young people recognize and overcome barriers to peace, understanding, and acceptance.

Deal with It: Transphobia

Helps kids understand and resolve conflicts stemming from gender identity, gender expression and transphobia.

Deal with It: White Privilege

Explores the concept of white privilege and racism in society and media.